NCC Recent Event Photos

Our August picnic included lunch with piano music playing, some 40's tunes from 78 rpm juke boxes and a ride in a bright red Model A roadster.

The May meeting featured Lou Williams at the Wurlitzer.

We also enjoyed two video workshops and "Pizza and Pipes" followed Lou's recital.
August Picnic
No one left our potluck picnic hungry
Lunch line in the kitchen
 Picnic on the lawn
Lunch On the porch   NCC scrapbook was fun to see
Model A rides were great fun  Juke Box hits from 1940s
Model A Rides were great fun                                                       Tunes from the 1940's  on the Rock Ola

May Meetings

Getting our name tags    Introducing Guests
Getting name tags at the front door                                                     Introductions

 Lou giving lessons  Lou played our requests
                                                                       Watching Lou's technique

Visiting during a brake   Thank you presentation to hosts   Hand cranking was fun
        Refreshments duing the break                                           Thanks to the hosts                                            This could be tiring

We had a great turnout


The next day NCC members brought street organs, music boxes and some modern novelty automata
to the C & O Canal National Park at Potomac, MD.   This event is fun for members and park visitors.

 Terry and Jan bringing them in   Members brought a variety of mechanical music  Paul entertaining
Jan and Terry bringing in curious park visitors              We brought many unusual mechanical music instruments

Organettes were interesting    Don taking a turn on Pauls organ      Kids Table      
Ken showing organettes                     Don playing Paul's organ                                     Dorothy and Tony's Kids Table

 Joe takes a turn    Marve's table had a wide variety of antique instruments    Art Cranking
                                                                            We made lots of happy music in the park

 Bill entertains   Dave has a hand crank xylophone   Is this a cell phone?
       Visitors enjoying cranking                        Dave's hand cranked xylophone       Can I get this tone on my cell phone?

  1905 Regina Music Box  Children were interested too
                   Demonstrating the 1905 home entertainment center